Vignoble Coteau des Artisans
Vignoble Coteau des Artisans


Red Craftsman

Marquette, Petite Perle and Black Frontenac
This wine with well-integrated red fruit aromas is complex, slightly spicy and drinkable. Its elegant finish and supple tannins will allow you to appreciate it from aperitif to meal.

12% alc/vol.
Sugar: <1g/litre

As an aperitif with tapas, pizza, Bolognese pasta

Reserve Red

Frontenac Noir, Petite Perle, Baco Noir and Marquette
Aging for 12 months in French oak barrels of these 4 grape varieties has given this slightly tannic wine a nice balance and great suppleness on the palate.

- 12.5% alc./vol.
- 1.5g sucre/litre

Grilled meat


Little Pearl and Sabrevois

12% alcohol/vol.

<1g sugar/litre

-Plat très légèrement épicé, végé ou avec de la viande

Red Amphora

Black Frontenac, Marquette and Small Pearl
The most medal-winning of our vineyard. It offers aromas of blackcurrant and very ripe fruit. The glycerol developed inside the Tuscan clay amphoras ensure that this wine is delicious in the mouth for a long time after tasting it. The micro-oxygenation and the perpetual movement offered by the amphorae
extract and round out the tannins, giving it great aging potential.

11.5% alc/vol.
Sugar: 2.9g/litre

Meals in sauce, tajine, stew, game