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Red Amphora 2020

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The most medal-winning of our vineyard. It offers aromas of blackcurrant and very ripe fruit. The glycerol developed inside the Tuscan clay amphoras ensure that this wine is delicious in the mouth for a long time after tasting it. The micro-oxygenation and the perpetual movement offered by the amphoras allow it to extract and round off the tannins, which gives it great aging potential.

11.5% alc/vol.
Sugar: 2.9g/litre

Black Frontenac, Marquette and Small Pearl

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grape varieties

This variety, which must be protected with geotextiles in winter, is the most popular for making ice wine. It is also the most planted grape variety in Quebec. Its thicker skin allows it to freeze without falling off the bunch, so it can be harvested later. Its fresh, aromatic and lemony taste makes it very interesting. Mainly used for: dry white wine, ice wine, late harvest, sparkling wine, straw wine

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Having beautiful healthy vines and magnificent grapes throughout the year allows us to have a quality raw material to obtain a wine that is just as good. Our viniculture is biodynamic. We allow time for the juice to gently become wine. We raise our wines with a clear vision of purity and simplicity. The fruit dominates each of our vintages